Fisherman dies from electric shock in Yucalpetén

Puerto Progreso, photo by Sofía Navarro.

A person lost his life after receiving an electric shock in Puerto de Abrigo de Yucalpetén, in Progreso.

Around 7 o’clock last Friday night, the deceased was unloading octopus from the boat known as “Martin Progreso”, when suddenly a lump fell into the sea, so he jumped to get it out.

But when he got back on the boat he grabbed a 220-volt cable from the ship’s machinery, which caused an electric shock and he fell into the sea.

His companions jumped into the water to rescue him and when he was brought up to the dock he no longer had vital signs.

The deceased was identified as Ernesto A.C.R., 34 years of age.

The place was secured by police agents, while personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office took charge of the corresponding proceedings.

TYT Newsroom