Mérida’s Inalámbrica sports facility is renewed with the rehabilitation of its American Football field

Users of the Inalámbrica sports facility can now enjoy renovated and improved spaces with the rehabilitation of the American football field, the only one of its kind in the entire state, and the construction of a flag football field. These actions were promoted by the Government of Mauricio Vila Dosal to provide girls, boys, adolescents, and adults with more dignified facilities for practicing these sports.

As part of the transformation of sports in the region promoted by Vila Dosal, the improvement and construction work on these areas of the sports center has been completed, with an investment of 18.2 million pesos, in order to continue promoting these disciplines in the area.

This project involved the renovation of public restrooms as well as player locker rooms. The walls were covered with tiles, ceramic floors were installed, and sanitary fixtures were provided, along with showers, doors, solid phenolic partitions, energy-saving LED lighting, and aluminum windows in perimeter windows.

Additionally, a storage area and a medical area were set up. Cracks in all areas of the stands were sealed, and waterproofing was applied to prevent leaks, with painting on walls and ceilings.

Regarding the American football fields, unique in the state, and flag football fields, a hydraulic base was constructed, and lighting was installed for user safety. Synthetic turf was also provided with an area of 6362.29 square meters. Goalposts were installed, and the collector trenches were rehabilitated, with the cleaning of existing stormwater wells.

Likewise, exterior work was carried out, which involved dismantling the deteriorated perimeter fence and replacing it with steel mesh. New posts with lighting were installed around the perimeter of the American football complex, and earthworks and landscaping were done.

Today, the Inalámbrica sports facility receives a historic intervention, worthy of hosting national and international events, undoubtedly making it the best American football facility in the entire southeast.

With these actions, the administration of Mauricio Vila Dosal is promoting the transformation of sports in the region, providing quality infrastructure to promote physical activity and social cohesion throughout the state.

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