Academy Award winner Guillermo del Toro says the destruction of Mexican cinema has been brutal during the AMLO administration

Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro raised his voice and regretted that the lack of economic resources has forced the Mexican Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to put on hold the call for the Ariel Award and the award ceremony for the 2023 edition.

The director of films such as Cronos, Pan’s Labyrinth and Pinocchio, commented through his Twitter account his feelings about the news that the AMACC is going through a serious financial crisis that puts at risk, not only the awarding of a trophy to the best of national cinema, but also the existence of the organization.

“The systematic destruction of Mexican Cinema and its institutions – what took decades to build – has been brutal. We survived the six-year term of López Portillo, but this is unprecedented,” shared Del Toro.

In response to the news, actor Joaquín Cosío also used his social networks to share his position.

“López Obrador and the 4T withdraw support to the Film Academy, as expected, they don’t understand culture or art. Ignorant. There is no other word.”

The actor of films such as Matando Cabos and El infierno wondered: “And the Secretary of Culture Alejandra Fraustro and the Mexican Institute of Cinematography? They are just objects who get paid, nothing more,” the actor wrote.

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