Fiesta de Yucatan promises vibrant music and dance performances

Traditional Yucatecan music and dance. (PHOTO:

Merida locals and tourists alike will be able to appreciate a great celebration of the sounds, voices, colors and choreography that give life to the musical identity and dance of Yucatan, through the annual Fiesta de Yucatán project, which will begin on March 11.

The heads of the secretariats of Culture and the Arts (Sedeculta), Roger Metri Duarte, and Tourist Promotion (Sefotur), Saúl Ancona Salazar, presented the details of this initiative, with which both departments will seek to make the local public and visitors feel, experience and live the traditions of the state of Yucatan.

In a press conference, Metri Duarte stressed that the implementation of this program, along with the future opening of venues such as the Palace of Music, will be one of the strategies that will allow tourism in Yucatan to offer new possibilities for recreation and enjoyment.

“The objective will be to enhance the roots and customs of the region, through magnificent free concerts, in which the magic of the Orquesta Típica Yukalpetén and the ensembles of the Sedeculta, adorn the stage of the theater ‘José Peón Contreras’ on the second Saturdays of each month, at 8 p.m.,” he said.

In his turn, Ancona Salazar reiterated that the cultural charge of the locality is an added value that will allow the world to show Yucatecan artistic expressions.

Traditional Yucatecan music and dance. (PHOTO:
Traditional Yucatecan music and dance. (PHOTO:

In addition, he said that Sefotur will have a preponderant role in the diffusion of the events, through campaigns directed to the hotel sector and tour operators of the area in question.

Peforming in the first recital of the Spring 2017 season, which shares name with the general format, will be the Orquesta Típica Yukalpetén (OTY) under the baton of Pedro Carlos Herrera López; His soloists: Maricarmen Pérez, Jesús Armando and Emma Alcocer.

Also performing will be the Chamber Choir of Yucatan; The Folkloric Ballet of the State “Alfredo Cortés Aguilar”, and the companies of contemporary dance Alsurdanza and Classic.

That night, the audience will be able to enjoy interpretations of the themes Lindo Yucatan, Never, Yucatecan Marches, Ermine Hands, Mestiza, Drop by Drop, Presentiment, Orange Blossom, Palenque, Soy del Sur, Pilgrim and Aires del Mayab, to cite several.

Future presentations will include the galas “Remembering the great of Trova Guty Cárdenas, Ricardo Palmerín and Pepe Domínguez”, April 8; “With love to the mothers”, on May 13, and “Noches de jarana”, on June 10.

Coming presentations corresponding to summer, autumn and winter, will include performances dedicated to bambucos, boleros and tributes to outstanding figures of Yucatecan composition, among other subjects.

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