Mérida mayor announces investment in security

The mayor of Mérida, Renan Barrera Concha, declared to the local media that one of the most attractive elements of Mérida for investment and tourism is its security.

That is why, on the 19th anniversary of the creation of the Municipal Police of Mérida, they have a great modernization plan for this corporation.

“On Wednesday, June 8, I had a meeting with the mayor of San Pedro Garza García, one of the municipalities recognized nationally for its security, and in that sense, we will be working hand in hand for the training and professionalization of the law enforcement agents with specific goals and indicators,” Barrera Concha said.

“In addition, the police headquarter facilities will be improved and modernized, we will invest in the new oral trial rooms because civic justice is part of the Municipal Police”, the mayor concluded.

The Yucatan Times