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Young people from Yucatan municipalities will receive their first vaccine dose, as of August 9

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YUCATAN, (August 05, 2021).- On August 9, a new stage of vaccination will begin for young people between 18 and 29 years old belonging to 40 municipalities in the interior of the state, a day with which in Yucatan will be completed with the application of the first dose to this sector of the population in 103 demarcations, so it would only be necessary to cover Mérida, Kanasín and Tizimín, which shows a vaccination process that is progressing positively in the state, reported the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY).

The state agency specified that, in addition, on August 9, the population aged 40-49 years will be vaccinated with the second dose in the town of Tizimín, so this new vaccination day will cover a total of 41 municipalities in the state. All the vaccines that will be administered in both sectors of the population belong to the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, which consists of two applications.

The vaccination of Yucatecan young people aged 18-29 will take place from August 9 to 13 and the first doses will be applied as follows:

-On Monday, August 9, the first doses will be administered to the 18-29-year-old population in the municipalities of Umán, Buctzotz, Sotuta, Homún, Celestún, and Kinchil; as well as second doses to people 40-49 in Tizimín.

-On Tuesday, August 10, young people aged 18-29 will be vaccinated in Dzidzantún, Teabo, Tixcacalcupul, Abalá, Timucuy, Opichén, and Panabá.

-On Wednesday, August 11, the 18-29 vaccination will take place in Cacalchén, Temax, Hocabá, Hoctún, Tixméhuac, Dzan, Maní, Tahdziú, Chankom, and Samahil.

-Continuing with the schedule, on Thursday, August 12, the administration of first doses to young people will continue in the towns of Huhí, Cuzamá, Tetiz, Kantunil, Sacalum, Tixpéhual, Santa Elena, Chikindzonot, Chocholá, Mayapán, and Chicxulub Pueblo.

-Finally, on Friday, August 13, young people from Ixil, Cansahcab, Calotmul, Chapab, Ucú, and Dzitás will be vaccinated.

The State Government invites the inhabitants of the mentioned municipalities who are in these age ranges and who have not yet registered on the federal platform mivacuna.salud.gob.mx, to do so as soon as possible to be considered in the process, in addition to attending the day that corresponds to them and thus avoids crowds.

The vaccines will be applied to the population that has been previously registered and selected through the online platforms of the federal government, so the Federation is in charge of planning and protocols for this vaccination and the state government will be supporting these tasks.

The following is recommended to the population:

  • -Identify the day and place where it corresponds to get vaccinated.
  • -If you get a text message, respect the instructions.
  • -It is not necessary to arrive hours in advance.
  • -Take medications as usual.
  • -Take food before going to the appointment.
  • -Wear comfortable, short-sleeved clothing.

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