Covid-19 outbreaks detected in Campeche migrant camp

Photo: (Info Migrants)

Campeche, (December 22, 2021).- Just a few weeks after the arrival of more than a hundred immigrants from various countries, the Health Sector confirmed that the latest cases registered in the state were detected in the camp where these travelers are refugees.

Despite the fact that a week ago they were tested to detect the virus, authorities indicated that they anticipated these tests, due to the incubation time that has to pass to find out if they carry the virus, it should be noted that the tests had come out negative but until yesterday the sector recognized that there are outbreaks among this group.

Campeche citizens are outraged because these people continue to wander not only in the neighborhoods but in parks, squares, and urban transport which could unleash an imminent wave of contagion.

So the citizens of Campeche are requesting in social networks that these immigrants be taken to another place because both in the of Siglo XXIII as in Ciudad Concordia they represent a risk for hundreds of thousands of Campechanos.