It took 20 police officers to control man who was stabbing himself in downtown Mérida

Around 20 policemen were needed to control the individual. Photo: (Sipse)

Mèrida, Yucatàn, (May 28, 2021).- This Thursday afternoon, May 27, a man out of his mind (apparently mentally ill), caused a commotion in the downtown area when he began to threaten passersby with a knife and after being reported to the Municipal Police, he ended up stabbing himself with the weapon.

According to preliminary reports, the events occurred on Calle 65 between 60 and 62, Downtown Mèrida, when a subject, apparently in a street situation, took out a knife and threatened people who passed by, for which it was reported.

When the first agents of the municipal police arrived to verify the situation, they could not arrest the subject because he fled the site, so more police officers joined the arrest, as he threatened to cut his neck.

Photo: (Sipse)

About 20 policemen were needed to control the individual, who eventually put the knife to his chest and injured himself.

Two ambulances immediately arrived to assess the injured, who was transferred to the “Agustín O’Horán” public hospital, without knowing his state of health so far.

At the scene, numerous curious observed the arrest of the subject, who apparently had some kind of mental illness. 

Source: Sipse