Live inexpensively in these Latin American beach towns

Sunrise along Progreso's malecon. (PHOTO: Robert Adams)

Chuck Bolotin of Best Places in the World to Retire describes four great beach towns (including in Yucatan) where you can enjoy yourself at very low cost.  See if you agree with this description of the local beaches.

Did you ever dream about moving to Hawaii or some South Sea island where you could lazily stroll the beach and spend moonlit evenings luxuriating in the warm breeze, all under gently swaying palm trees?

And was that dream crushed when you found out how much it would cost?

Well, despair no more. Here are four beautiful, unpretentious, easy-going beach locations that cost much, much less than Hawaii, and most likely much less than where you are now, as described by the more than 500 contributors to Best Places in the World to Retire.

Sunrise along Progreso's malecon. (PHOTO: Robert Adams)
Sunrise along Progreso’s malecon. (PHOTO: Robert Adams)

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