Photo: Yucatanahora

Mérida, Yucatán (March 5, 2021).-A 71-year-old woman, originally from Cansahcab, Yucatan, died on a bus of the Northeast line on her way from Campeche to Mérida accompanied by her son.

The lady suffered from gastritis and during the trip, she began to vomit until she went unconscious, which is why the driver stopped the bus in the town of Suma de Hidalgo to ask for help.

The bus was parked on Calle 17 (between 14 and 16) of the aforementioned municipality, where paramedics arrived to check the patient and found that she no longer had vital signs.

She was identified as GJC, who was traveling with her 36-year-old son LFCJ.

It was known that they were traveling to Mérida, but it is unknown if it was to consult a doctor for the passenger’s condition. What has to be scrutinized here is the fact that the passenger was allowed to board the bus in such a bad health condition.