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Petstar and Bepensa will recycle more than 495 million PET bottles per year in Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Grupo Bepensa and PetStar have begun a strengthening process to carry out more robust PET collection and recycling actions in Yucatán, after investing at least 90 million pesos from 2022 to double the recovery capacity of said material at the Umán plant. , which will achieve the collection of 11 thousand tons, equivalent to more than 495 million PET bottles.

Before the media and also around World Recycling Day, the founder and general director of PetStar, Jaime Cámara Creixell, emphasized that the firm, as part of Bepensa and the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry, will strengthen its operations in the Yucatán Peninsula with 7 collection centers plus the plant, which will be part of the more than 40 plants and collection centers that will be operating by 2027 in the country, which will allow us to continue consolidating Mexico as an international reference in the matter, contributing to The Coca-Cola Company’s global goal of #AWorldWithoutWaste.

Before businessmen, academics, and activists in favor of environmental protection gathered at the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Center, the manager presented in his conference “Programming a sustainable world”, within the framework of the Yucatán i6 Congress, which the PetStar plant in Umán has been operating since 2004 and was expanded with investment from Bepensa in 2022 to serve new collection centers in Quintana Roo and Campeche that are also being built with said investment.

Through some 300 micro, small, and medium-sized companies served, dedicated to the purchase and sale of recyclable materials (collection partners), the coverage covers 23 municipalities of Yucatán, in which Mérida, Progreso, Ticul, Izamal, Umán, Kanasín, and Valladolid stand out. , the largest towns, thereby promoting the circular economy throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, he indicated.

The plant generates 180 direct and one thousand indirect jobs for women and men in Yucatán dedicated to the recovery of recoverable waste, the manager stressed during the Yucatán i6 Congress, in which he presented the technological advances in recycling and innovation implemented by PetStar as part of Bepensa for a more sustainable world.

It is, he highlighted to the attendees, a Sustainable Business Model that generates social, environmental, and economic value by building a circular economy of climate-responsible PET packaging that is managed from a human rights perspective.

He explained that this rebound in operations is part of a national growth plan from 2022 to 2027, which will imply an increase from 1,700 to 4,000 direct jobs throughout the country and an increase in contacts from 1,500. to three thousand 600 MSMEs dedicated to the purchase and sale of recyclable materials.

As part of the social value of its operations, the firm aims to generate 30,000 to 80,000 indirect jobs for urban waste collectors and double the capacity of the PET recycling plant by producing 110,000 tons of recycled resin per year during these five years. for the manufacture of new sustainable packaging for the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry.

He specified that PetStar and Bepensa, in addition to other shareholders – who are part of the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry (IMCC) – will invest three billion pesos within this plan to double the collection and recycling capacity (one billion pesos for collection and two billion pesos for recycling).

PETSTAR has the Largest Food Grade PET Recycling Plant in the World, one hundred percent Mexican, and eight collection plants nationwide, making it a world reference in a circular economy, highlighted Cámara Creixell, member of the Executive Commission of the National Association. of the Plastics Industry (ANIPAC), as well as the Chairman of the Board of APR (Association of PlasticsRecyclers) based in Washington.

As part of the contribution to improving the environment, PetStar managed to capture 101,790 tons of PET nationwide in 2023, equivalent to filling the Chichén-Itzá Pyramid six times, that is, it collects six out of every ten containers that its shareholders put on the market.

A total of three thousand 624 million PET bottles are recycled per year by PetStar, with which 54 thousand 968 tons of recycled food-grade PET resin are produced per year.

He specified that there are 1,664 MSMEs as collection points called by PetStar Socios Acopiadores, on which 1,962 direct and 36,828 indirect jobs of urban waste recoverers depend.

As a socially responsible company, PetStar allocates more than ten million pesos in social investment to serve more than 1,200 children and adolescents, daughters, and sons of urban waste collectors.

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