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The FIVE THINGS I have learned about the COVID-19 thanks to the information from the Mexican government.

by Yucatan Times
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1.-It is forbidden to go out, but it is not. That is, you shouldn’t go out unless you need to. But if you need to, go out. And if you don’t, then don’t.

2.-We have fewer cases than in other countries. Well, no, because the Mexican government is not testing. And besides, they’re not very reliable. But there is that thing called “The Sentinel System” in which you multiply times 8 the amount of cases, but at the same time, there’ll be a lot more undetected. Undersecretary of health Lopez Gatell says there will be more infected, yet, there are fewer.

3.-The contagion started in Mexico in late February. By the end of March, it was okay to hug everyone, go on political tours, and bite little girls in the cheek. In April, everyone was infected, and that’s when we started the quarantine. AMLO said he took precautions before “anyone else” and the WHO congratulated Mexico! The good thing is that people aren’t dying from COVID-19 like in other countries… the bad thing is that, there are lots of deaths from “atypical pneumonia”. But we’re doing well, not well, even better!

4.-Face masks are not to be used every day… Well, only if you’re infected. But since you don’t know if you’re infected, you’d better put it on. But it doesn’t work. But you have to use it. But there’s no face masks available, but still, you have to wear one.

5.-Next month, in May, it will be Phase 3, of maximum contagion. But it will be at the same time that AMLO’s government wants to lift the quarantine, around May 10th, on “Mother’s day”. But quarantine won’t stop us from getting to Phase 3 anyway. That is if it works. But it won’t. But then the governments will tell us when they will lift it, or not. That depends.


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