Third “blow” to narcos in CDMX: 2.2 tons of cocaine

In just 28 days, local and federal authorities have seized 2,258 kilos of cocaine from drug traffickers in three operations carried out at various points in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico.

This figure is equivalent to 8 percent of the total amount of cocaine confiscated by the Army, Navy, and National Guard throughout the country between January and September of last year, a period in which 27,595 kilos of the drug were seized.

Likewise, those 2.2 tons of cocaine seized in the last few weeks represent 16 percent of the same drug that the armed forces and the National Guard seized between January and September 2019.

Yesterday, in a joint operation between the Secretariat of Citizen Security, the Mexico City District Attorney’s Office, and the Mexican Army, 62 kilos of cocaine were seized in a property located in the Narvarte neighborhood, in the Benito Juárez district of Mexico City.