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AMLO wants to terminate INE and replace it with the National Institute of Elections and Consultations

by Yucatan Times
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In order to avoid onerous expenses in the electoral bureaucracy and that the councilors obey partisan interests, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed in his electoral reform to replace the National Electoral Institute (INE) with the National Institute of Elections and Consultations.

In a conference at the National Palace, the president maintained that the new body would be “truly autonomous” and with a reduction in electoral advisers.

We want there to be a democracy and we don’t have to be afraid of the people, and nothing the parties agree on, beforehand it was known who was going to remain as councilors (…), and those councilors acted at the service of those who imposed them, not They represented the citizens, they do not have a democratic vocation, now it is proposed to elect them,” he said.

And it is that the initiative proposes the disappearance of the INE to replace it with the National Institute of Elections and Consultations, which would be made up of 7 directors, and not 11 as is currently the case.

He explained that the citizens would vote for the electoral advisers after the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers propose 20 people (men and women) who, according to what he said weeks ago, “are independent and honest.”.

In addition, according to what was broken down by the head of the National Customs Agency of Mexico (ANAM), Horacio Duarte, the disappearance of the Local Public Electoral Bodies, better known as OPLES, is also proposed, with the aim that the electoral body federal is in charge of local elections.

The electoral reform seeks to make democracy cheaper,” said the public servant, stressing that this initiative, if approved, could generate savings of nearly 24 billion pesos, which could be used, for example, for works public,” said Duarte.

When questioned about the need to have a qualified majority to approve the electoral reform in the Chamber of Deputies, López Obrador called on the opposition legislators to “rethink their procedures”, since he considered the rejection of the electrical reform did not benefit the citizenry.

He considered that there could be more openness of the opposition in San Lázaro after being criticized by a large part of the citizenry for not endorsing the electrical reform, an act that, he reiterated, was a betrayal of the country.

“I believe that there will not be any obstacles, now they are going to think about it more, because according to my information the people were not happy with them, by not approving the electricity reform and if we stick to, I repeat, what Cárdenas and Mateos said: it was an act of treason against the country, and the people do not want that, deputies are not elected to protect foreign companies but to protect and defend the people of Mexico”, added the federal Executive.

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