Cats, dogs and pigeons are fed in Istanbul despite the quarantine

via: filo news

The mandatory quarantine that millions of people is living throughout the world because of the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, has left thousands of animals to their fate; however, something extraordinary is happening in the city of Istanbul, Turkey, where, despite the restrictions, the government continues to feed stray cats, dogs and pigeons.

In Istanbul they feed animals despite the quarantine
The well-known “cat city”, Istanbul, has not stopped feeding the hundreds of felines living on its streets, despite the fact that the human population is under quarantine due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The people in charge of delivering the food to the street animals in Istanbul do it completely protected, wearing masks, gloves, goggles and even special suits; so, definitely this Turkish city continues being worthily known as: “the city of the cats”.

Although, of course, Istanbul is concerned about its feral cats, it has not forgotten other species that, in the same way, require support in their feeding during quarantine. This way dogs and pigeons are well cared for by the caretakers, and animals are not abandoned in Istanbul.