Twenty new respiratory assistance units delivered at Mérida’s HRAEPY

The State Government carried out a new delivery of 20 new respiratory assistance devices, commonly known as respirators or ventilators, to the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of the Yucatan Peninsula (HRAEPY) of the Federal Government, bringing the number of discharge teams to 40 technology of this type that was granted to that hospital to care for patients with Coronavirus that require it.

Likewise, the state government made available to HRAEPY 20 new vital sign monitors, as part of the actions promoted by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal to strengthen the equipment of hospitals in the face of the advance of the pandemic and the increase in cases in Yucatan.

The equipment delivered to HRAEPY is part of a second delivery to this third level hospital by the Federal Government.

These state-of-the-art modern ventilators were purchased with state resources and are essential for patients who require respiratory support, as they are tailored and programmable to each patient’s requirements.

It is worth mentioning that ventilators can provide care to patients with Coronavirus who require it, as well as to those who suffer from any other Acute Respiratory Disease (ARD), in a totally computerized control mode, since these are high-tech devices.

This type of ventilator works is computerized, that is, the medical personnel enter the patient’s information, such as age, weight and pathologies, and this allows the team to automatically program the respiratory support requirements that the patient needs, providing it with the necessary oxygen.