Walls preventing medical personnel from entering hospital in Campeche removed

Via Diario de Yucatan

CAMPECHE (Times Media Mexico).- On Wednesday April 29, Municipal personnel from the City of Campeche proceeded to demolish the walls built by locals to prevent the ptransit of doctors, nurses and administrative personnel of the ISSSTE hospital.

Similarly, an investigation was initiated to find the person or parties responsible for the blockage of the walkways in order to apply the corresponding fines and administrative sanctions that these actions imply, since civil protection regulations were also violated with the closure of these walkways.

These actions put at risk the provision of emergency services to the population, in detriment of the inhabitants of that neighbothood.

It is hard to understand the way many Mexican think, that instead of recognizing the labor of doctors and medical staff, they build walls to stop them from passing through on their way to the hospital.



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