Jaguarundi caught after terrorizing neighbors in Merida’s Cholul district

Following a report of the presence of a jaguarundi near the houses in the Cholul police station in the city of Mérida, authorities proceeded to capture it after the feline attacked a person.

On Friday, neighbors reported on social networks about the presence of a suspected puma near the houses, which was finally revealed to be a jaguarundi.

Witnesses reported that the species had devoured a chicken, where the animal was feeding behind some tires in the backyard of a house.

This Saturday, the fire department of the Secretary of Public Security (SSP) implemented an operation to capture it.

This Saturday’s mobilization was due to the fact that the jaguarundi had attacked a person in the Las Águilas neighborhood, so they proceeded to capture it.

The animal was walking around the Cholul police station in Merida, while paramedics attended to the victim, who turned out to be a neighbor of the area.

Firefighters from unit 813 took the jaguarandi into custody and later handed it over to personnel from the Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

TYT Newsroom

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