Yucatan stands out in Tianguis Turístico as the ideal destination for events and conventions

Photo: El Economista

At the Tianguis Turístico we are going to bring a little piece of Yucatán to Mexico City, in the last edition of this important event, very outstanding participation has been achieved, bringing the Flavors of Yucatán with a good handful of gastronomic Ambassadors, including chefs, traditional cooks, producers of beer, of cocoa honey, etc., this is what Michelle Fridman Hirsch, head of the Yucatan Tourism Development Secretariat, stated.

In an interview with El Economista, Fridman said that the Yucatan stand will represent the wealth of the state. “Yucatán is a destination that is always represented as classic but modern, also a contemporary classic. It is a destination that always clings to its past, but looks towards the future like this and that is what we want to present about the new Yucatan”.

He mentioned that the Yucatan delegation at the Tianguis Turístico 2023, has just over 85 businessmen from six tourist regions. “The important thing in the flea market at the end of the day are the business appointments and the truth is that every year we have had very complete participation of these businessmen who are the ones who help us do the tourist exercise every day.”

Yucatan gave the flag for the start of activities for the Tianguis Turístico, on Saturday March 25 it delivers a gastronomic sample with the famous cochinita pibil tacos through the Yucatrucks.


Friedman highlighted that the entity has a constantly growing tourist infrastructure, which allows it to consolidate itself as a host destination for events and conventions of all kinds.

He pointed out that the state of Yucatán currently has more than 16,000 rooms, which represents a growth of 17% compared to the period before the pandemic.

Meeting tourism has a positive impact on the entity’s economy, both in direct and indirect terms, since the arrival of visitors attracts economic benefits and promotes the image of Yucatan nationally and internationally,” he concluded.

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