Foreign tourist found after 15 days missing in Playa del Carmen

After the “Alba Quintana Roo” protocol was issued due to the disappearance of Nekendra Karen.

Japan initiates release of water from Fukushima nuclear plant

Engineers at the troubled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan began the release of treated.

Spanish singer Miguel Bosé reports robbery at his Mexico City home

In the past few hours, news has emerged about an alleged robbery at the mansion.

Rescue efforts race against time in Pakistan

A military source informed CNN that four children have been successfully rescued from a chairlift.

Greece unearths 18 burned bodies as wildfires extend across Southern Europe

In a remote village in northeastern Greece, where wildfires have been rampaging for several days,.

The egg crack challenge: A TikTok trend impacting kids with dangerous consequences

Social media platforms have an undeniable impact on modern trends and challenges, shaping the way.

Experts condemn use of anti-terror laws against unionists in Venezuela

UN experts* warned on Friday that convicting unionists and labor leaders on terrorism charges is.

Yemen: Five UN workers freed after a year and a half in captivity

The Secretary-General expressed relief on Friday upon learning of the release of the five members.

Fire in Greece triggers a large series of evacuations

Rescue teams carried out “the largest evacuation operation ever conducted in Greece” on the tourist.

Aphelion: How Far Is the Sun from Earth?

At the beginning of July, the Earth will reach its farthest point from the Sun,.


“Planet Youth” program reaches dozens of high schools in Yucatán

Through the “Juventudes Yucatán, Planet Youth” Program , significant progress has been made in the prevention of harmful practices, such as alcohol…

Negotiations advance for a new industrial park in Yucatán

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal continues his tireless work to attract investments to Yucatán, seeking to generate more jobs and improve…

Merida restaurants expect good sales during December

The National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (Canirac), Yucatan delegation, anticipates a notable increase in its sales during the Christmas and…

Mérida’s “En Bici” will be replicated in five Mexican cities

Other Mexican cities seek to expand the program due to its good results. The “En Bici” program, promoted by the Mérida…

Ticket sales for the Maya Train to begin next Friday, December 1st

As of December 15th, the Maya Trian operations will begin, with the route that runs from Campeche to Cancún. On…