Healthy dog snack’s recipe

We love nothing more than to see that little tail wagging and our puppy jumping.

Dog rescue worker dies in Yucatan, leaving 16 animals “orphaned”

At the age of 63, Marlen Arcique Contreras, a well-known rescue worker and animal activist.

Pets in Mexico, a sector invisible to statistics

The latest Population and Housing Census conducted by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

In Campeche, four dogs were rescued after several days of confinement, without food and water

Following a 911 report and with the consent of the owner of the rental property,.

No tourists are allowed to climb the pyramid of Chichen Itzá… but dogs are OK (Watch Video)

A video spread through Twitter allows us to see dogs enjoying a privilege that tourists.

Five puppies that fell into a cenote are rescued in Valladolid

Authorities from the municipality of Valladolid carried out an arduous task to rescue five puppies.

close up photography of furry dog
Homemade Dog Treats

We know our furry ones love treats, even more, when it comes to treats that.

shallow focus photography of a golden retriever
5 reasons why your dog scratches all the time

Have you ever noticed that your dog scratches desperately and almost all the time? If.

dog pet cute
What to do if your dog suffers a nervous breakdown due to pyrotechnics?

Dozens of pets, mainly dogs and cats, suffer from nervous breakdowns due to the explosion.

“El Palomo”, a little dog who helped his owner return home after one week lost in the Sonora desert

A man, after being missing for several days in the municipality of Moctezuma, Sonora, was.


Aviation school ‘has no comments’ after the collapse of an aircraft in Merida

According to testimonies of pilots with years of experience, who requested anonymity, the crash of the light aircraft of the…

Align your home with Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system that focuses on the flow of energy, or qi, in the environment and…

Lilith went on vacation to Oaxaca and had an argument with her girlfriend: loose ends of her mysterious disappearance

It has been almost three months since Lilith Saori Arreola Alvear disappeared after going on vacation with her friends from…

What are the healthiest tacos you can order on at a regular Taquería?

All you have to do is arrive at the taqueria and start savoring the conversation of the sidewalk ritual while…

Islas Marías await their first Semana Santa as a tourist destination

Islas Marías is preparing for its first vacation season since its opening at the end of last year. The tourist…