Ie-Tram: Work progress on the transportation project that will transform Mérida

Today marks the third week since works began on the Ie-Tram, and significant progress has been made with the smoothing of Calle 39 on the way to Circuito Colonias.

The Instituto de Infraestructura Carretera de Yucatán (Incay) is supervising the work of five companies that are working on stretches of approximately one kilometer, starting at La Plancha.

“The project is divided into five fronts so that progress is consistent,” said Sergio Chan Lugo, head of Incay.

As of today, 21 of the estimated 120 days to complete the first part of the electric transportation project have been completed.

Those in charge of supervising the works indicated that the priority is to have the least amount of damage to the roads and the neighborhoods that cover the 4.7 kilometers from La Plancha to the peripheral.

In this sense, they emphasized that some roads have only been closed temporarily, such as the stretch of 39th Street, from 4th Street Mayapán, towards the traffic lights that connect 12th Street and the Manuel Ávila Camacho neighborhood with 26th Street diagonal and Emiliano Zapata Oriente and Las Brisas.

Likewise, the return roads on the avenue comprising 7th and 27th Streets, towards the exit to the Los Héroes subdivision, are now open, after they were closed a week ago due to the large number of dump trucks.

It was reiterated that the intention is to comply with the estimated time and for this they are working 24 hours every day. However, there are always imponderables that affect the plans.

First of all, the weather is the main conditioning factor when it has rained,” it was pointed out. Likewise, they have been handled with greater care after a backhoe caused a water leak when it broke a pipe last week.

The Junta de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Yucatán (Japay) had to intervene to solve the problem, which flooded the excavation on 39th Street, near the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) plant.

Except for this problem, the works have been carried out without setbacks, as it has been ensured that the presence of machinery and heavy vehicles does not endanger the motorists and passers-by who pass through this area daily, especially the residents of the Mayapán neighborhood, whose properties are adjacent to the works.

TYT Newsroom