Yucatan the state that has does the most against the coronavirus.

CIUDAD DE MEXICO – The government of Yucatan is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the states that has done the most to mitigate and confront the COVID-19 pandemic.

It has implemented actions and agreements to safeguard the integrity of its inhabitants, as well as work, health, economy, and education, among others.

Unlike other places in the Mexican Republic, Yucatan has implemented the eight measures suggested by international organizations, which has allowed Yucatan a more effective management, on time, and with enormous scope, according to the list of Regulatory Responses to the COVID-19 Epidemic as published by the federal government.

Governor Vila issued instructions to stop activities on March 17. The  state of Yucatan was the first entity nationwide to manage the crisis. The other two states that have implemented actions like Yucatan are Nuevo Leon and Jalisco. None of these states are governed by MORENA.