Neighbors devastated a portion of the land as they placed a dock.

BACALAR, Q. Roo .– Bacalar managers detected the filling of 10 hectares of mangrove on the banks of Laguna Bacalar, on a property located near the Blue Cenote, which was discovered by ejidatarios who performed diligence with an actuary.

Devastated mangrove area (Photo: SIPSE)

Filiberto Buitrón Hernández, president of the Ejidal police station, revealed that they were doing measurement work with the agrarian court clerk when they found the damage.

“It is an area that is always closed with a wooden gate and padlock to avoid the passage, there is a sign that says “Paraiso Bacalar”. I do not know the name of the owner who without permission filled that section of the lagoon.”

He said that many people are taking advantage of the legal suit that exists between the Ejido against the Institute of Real Estate Property (IPAE), to appropriate some properties and commit excesses of this type without taking into account the serious damage they cause to the lagoon ecosystem.

The ocular inspection of the Agrarian Actuary was carried out to suspend any action of this type in the disputed area, that is, that any other person could alter the current conditions in which the land is located.

For his part, Javier Romero Soto, manager of the restaurant “Cenote Azul”, pointed out the situation is not exclusive to the Cenote, because there are more areas where fillings are occurring.

The neighbors themselves devastated a portion of this land to place a kind of dock, and the environmental impact on the lagoon is alarming.