Expert from Qatar shares security programs with Yucatán

As part of the efforts led by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal’s administration to preserve and.

Governor Mauricio Vila presents -Peek Friendly- in Kanasin, Yucatan

In order to promote the welfare of domestic and stray animals and guarantee their protection,.

Mauricio Vila visits the town of Dzoncauich, Yucatan

The transformation of Yucatán, can be felt in every corner of the territory, as in.

Mauricio Vila supervised remodeling of Hotel Costa Club in Yucalpetén

With a renewed image, which offers greater comfort and fun for Yucatecan families during these.

Governor Mauricio Vila supervises reconstruction work on the streets around La Plancha Park

Governor Mauricio Vila toured the site along with Mayor Renán Barrera Mérida, Yucatán, July 29,.

Mauricio Vila shares on social networks a Spotify playlist for his trip from Yucatan to China

The Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal, is on a trip to the Far East.

Mauricio Vila plants the first tree as part of the Ie-Tram project

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal launched the arborization works contemplated in the Ie-Tram public transport project,.

Governor Mauricio Vila announces an increase in teachers’ salaries

Mauricio Vila, the governor of Yucatán, announced that salaries for teachers and Support and Education.

Yucatecan teachers say they will block the entrance to the Merida airport if no dialogue takes place

What was announced as a protest march of Education Workers of Valladolid, to demand the.

Governor inaugurates the new Digital Photography Laboratory “Photolab”

Entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses will be able to access visual content creation services that.


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Japanese embassy in Mexico donates rain collectors to the state of Yucatán

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