Cases of conjunctivitis increase 14% in the state of Yucatán

With the registration of 449 new cases in the most recent epidemiological week, contagious infections total 3, 704 cases, which represent an increase of 14 %, compared to the same period last year, according to information from the Federal Ministry of Health. Last year, there were 3,252 during the same period of time.

Of the total number of cases confirmed until the 16th of this month, 1,749 correspond to men and 1,955 to women.

According to state health authorities, despite the number of cases, there is no epidemic outbreak of conjunctivitis.

Regarding this disease, which in 2017 had a major epidemic outbreak reaching more than 90 thousand infections in the state, Manuel Lliteras Cardín, president of the College of Ophthalmology of Yucatan, said that “there are cycles that occur every four or five years, in which the viruses are modified and we see a huge number of cases. ”

He added that conjunctivitis, at that time, was associated with a rhinovirus that belongs to the family of those that cause common flu. The condition is highly virulent, and easily contagious by secretions, even only with a handshake.

Dr. Lliteras said that conjunctivitisdoes not cause visual loss and that the symptoms do not last more than two weeks and then the eye returns to normal.

“The only discomfort is that it causes redness of the eyes, secretion and itching of the eyeball,” Lliteras Cardín concluded.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE