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Man falls into 20 feet deep pit in Colonia Campestre vacant lot

by Yucatan Times
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An man spent all night trapped inside a well in Mérida’s Colonia Campestre vacant lot, where he entered to urinate and did not notice the six meters deep hole in the ground.

The subject identified as Dr. David Palma, 55 years old, was rescued on the early morning hours of Monday March 25, by firefighters from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP), thanks to a passer-by who heard the cries for help.

According to the information provided by the SSP, on the evening of Sunday March 24, David Palma and a friend went for a bicycle ride from their house in Campestre to Chuburna neighborhood, and on their way decided to stop at an an Oxxo corner store, located on Calle 3 (between 36 and 38) Colonia Campestre.

After rehydrating and resting for a few minutes, the subject told his friend that he needed “to pee”, and went across the street into a vacant lot in search of a private place.

And a private place he found indeed, as he fell into a well one meter in diameter and six meters (19.6 feet) deep, where he was trapped for over 12 hours. And as he did not return to Oxxo, his friend thought he had gone home, and took off.

Dr. Palma spent the night trapped inside the well, crying for help, until the early morning hours of Monday March 25, when a passerby heard him, went into the lot, and when he actually saw the desperate man inside that hole in the ground, he immediately called the emergency number 911.

Minutes later, firefighters from the SSP arrived at the site, and with a harness, ropes and pulleys, finally pulled David Palma out of the hole and paramedics gave him first aid, and an ambulance transferred him to the hospital “Dr. Agustín O’Horán” as the man presented multiple traumatisms and a severe case of dehydration.

TYT Newsroom with information from SIPSE

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