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Do you seek more distant horizons? Interesting and easy to access destinations in America.

by Yucatan Times
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America is a continent, not a country. We decided to investigate interesting and easy to access destinations, so this note is dedicated to those who seek more distant horizons or have already toured Mexico, as our friends Joel and Stephen Dennstedt, collaborators of The Yucatan Times, currently in Europe on their way to Asia.

We took on the task of investigating countries that do not need to process a visa to access them as a tourist, in order to enter their territory.

For Mexicans, Americans and Canadians traveling within our own continent is simple, with the passport you can enter all the places below, except that you have a certain time frame for staying. If you exceed the stipulated time, you must process a permit or visa to stay in the country without any legal problem. Here´s the list of countries and the time you can stay and enjoy their hospitality before a special procedure.

· Anguilla: 6 months
· Antigua and Barbuda: 6 months
· Argentina: 90 days
· Aruba: 4 months
· Bahamas: 3 months
· Barbados: 30 days
· Belize: 30 days
· Bermuda shorts: 3 months
· Bolivia: 3 months
· Brazil: 3 months
· Chile: $ 23 US dollars upon arrival, 90 days
· Colombia: 90 days
· Costa Rica: 90 days
· Curaçao: 30 days
· Dominica: 21 days
· Ecuador: 90 days
· El Salvador: $ 10 US dollars per stay card, 90 days.
· Granada: 3 months
· Greenland: 90 days
· Guadalupe: 90 days
· Guatemala: 90 days
· French Guiana: 90 days
· Haiti: 3 months
· Honduras: 3 months
· Cayman Islands: 3 months
· Turks and Caicos Islands: 3 months
· British Virgin Islands: 3 months
· Jamaica: 90 days
· Martinique: 3 months
· Montserrat: 3 months
· Nicaragua: 90 days
· Panama: 90 days
· Paraguay: 90 days
· Peru: 90 days
· Dominican Republic: $ 10 US dollars for a tourist card that will allow you to be in the country for 30 days.
· Trinidad and Tobago: 90 days
· Uruguay: 90 days
· Venezuela: 90 days (like anybody wants to visit Nicolás Maduro)

In any case, we recommend you always keep an eye on the embassy pages of the destinations you want to travel, to inform you of some extra rules requested to visitors as well as to corroborate the access requirements. We recommend, when traveling to ALWAYS have a vaccination card, and travel insurance.

Enjoy the world

(To be continued…)

The Yucatan Times

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