Popocateptl volcano just won’t sit quiet

During the early morning hours of Wednesday March 27th, the Popocateptl volcano emitted an explosion that shook nearby communities and threw a smoke column almost a mile into the sky, that later dispersed through all south east Puebla.

The great colossus exploted one more time this month, and yet again caused tremors that shook the ground of the nearby communities, spitting out incandesent pieces of rock.

This tremor was felt throughout Puebla, Estado de México and Morelos, and some say that it was felt also in Mexico City.

ATENCIÓN! Explosión del Volcán #Popocatépetl 19:23 hrs. Reportes señalan que volvió a cimbrar las edificaciones de #Puebla. pic.twitter.com/ZQcil5o3F7

— Alreporte (@Alreporte1) 27 de marzo de 2019

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