Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the PRI, is detained at the Mexico City Airport

Alejandro Moreno, national leader of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), was held by INM staff at the Mexico City International Airport after arriving on a flight from France due to an alleged migration alert.

In a message on Twitter, the PRI member pointed out that it is a political persecution against him and said that immigration authorities held him for more than an hour.

Moreno stated that they made him fill out unofficial documentation; “Not even like that are they going to scare us, they won’t shut us up!” He wrote in a message on social networks.

According to Moreno, at the airport, he was notified that he had a migration alert. “This is clearly political persecution of all the regime opponents, “ he declared.

This week the PRI leader threatened to go “to the last consequences” after the tweet in which the federal government reported that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) was investigating him for five crimes, which he warned violates due process.

In a video shared on his social networks, he maintained that there were “hundreds of friends” who called him in Europe to inform him of the tweet in which, from the official account of the Mexican government, it was reported that the FGR was investigating him for five crimes, but which minutes later was deleted.

“It is clear that this government intends to use the institutions of the Mexican State to guarantee justice and security and attack opponents of the actual dictatorial regime. Violating due process and the presumption of innocence,” Alejandro Moreno declared.

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