The market of secondary cars gets bigger every day. People do not want to invest too much into a vehicle. They prefer to buy a used car in good condition instead.

If you belong to this group of customers, you need to order the vehicle history report before purchase. There are many advantages of getting car history report because then you will be able to define the real value of a car.


Why Check The Vehicle Before Purchase

The buyers need to acquire the most exact information about the used car they are going to buy. In case when the person buys a new car, there is no need to worry, as the buyer gets the manufacturer’s specification for the automobile.

In case of buying a used vehicle, the situation changes. The sellers often cheat on the customers in terms of information about the vehicle. They prefer to mask or to hide some important facts about it. There is no other way to secure yourself from it, than ordering a comprehensive VIN Check.

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Such a number is assigned to each car on the market. It differs from regular series number. The 17 digits and letters contain literally all possible information about the vehicle.

The VIN itself will give you nothing, unless you ask the government agency or a commercial company for a full VIN report. Such a document will be issued quickly. For governmental agencies it takes a little bit longer to produce one, but they all take data from the same official databases.

Most companies usually provide some data for free, and deliver full reports for fixed prices. The price for a comprehensive VIN check up is not that big.


What Information the VIN Report Contains

The VIN check up provides full information about the car. Here is the data the buyer can get:

  • The real manufacturer. Sometimes, and it is more true for bikes than for cars, the sellers offer illegal vehicles, imported, say, from China, repaired and transformed from “no-name” into a brand item. If you want to be 100% sure about the manufacturer, the VIN check will inform you about that.
  • The exact year of production. The sellers very often speculate on this information. They can make a new manufacturer’s specification and indicate a more recent year. The newer the car is, the higher the price will be.
  • Full information about accidents. This is the type of data no seller wants to disclose. If the car got damaged in many accidents, this fact decreases its price significantly.
  • Information about administrative fines. For many potential buyers, administrative fines do not look like an issue. However, if the seller has not paid those, these fines have to be paid by the new owners.
  • Information about the previous owners. This is a crucial aspect to consider. The buyer can’t check on his own if the vehicle he decides to buy is legally acquired by the seller. The vehicle can actually be stolen.

If you would like to be sure in the car you buy, order the VIN lookup. It is the only reliable source of information.




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