Chiapas indigenous people denounce threats to deliver presidential plane raffle prize

AMLO explains his idea to raffle the presidential plane. (Photo: Presidency.)

Tzeltal indigenous families of Chiapas denounce threats and attacks by the criminal group Los Petules to deliver the prize of the plane raffle

Chiapas, (November 23, 2021).- At least 28 families of the indigenous Tzeltal ethnicity of the state of Chiapas were displaced by a criminal group to refuse to buy the high-caliber weapons with money from the award of the symbolic drawing of the plane presidential.

The José María Morelos y Pavón school in the municipality of Ocosingo, Chiapas, won 20 million pesos on September 15 of last year in the National Lottery raffle that raffled the equivalent of the price of the presidential aircraft, which the current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador wants to sell.

Speaking to media, Marcelo Santiz, a spokesman for the displaced, said the armed group of Los Petules, nestled between the towns of Nacimiento and San Marcos El Ejido Carrizal, awestruck has and robbed people in the region not to give him that money.

“The ordeal began when we were notified that preschool Jose Maria Morelos y Pavon was winning with a little bit of the presidential plane in the amount of 20 million pesos on 15 September 2020, from that moment began the threats and corruption by from Los Petules, ” he said.

He pointed out that last January the attacks intensified and on March 16 they tried to assassinate an auxiliary agent so that he could deliver the award won by the school.

Last October, women, children, and the elderly in the area were attacked, so at least 28 families fled to different parts of the jungle to protect their lives.

“We lost more than 250 head of cattle, houses, refrigerators, corn, beans, and poultry crops and they took away our bank card, losing the right to all government benefits,” said the spokesman.

The Government and the Attorney General of Chiapas have already alerted the people of the situation, however, the families denounce that there is no progress and requested the prompt intervention of the governor, Rutilio Escandón, and President López Obrador.

The displaced added that while the criminal group is not disarmed and disintegrated, they will not be able to return to their homes, to work their lands, or to conclude the rehabilitation program of the winning school in the draw.

The raffle was born as an occurrence of President López Obrador, who wanted to raffle off the plane of his predecessor, Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018), but finally, the cash equivalent was raffled.

Source: López Dóriga Digital