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People demand justice in Mérida for the murder of a dog in Pensiones

by Yucatan Times
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Outrage spreads among residents of the Residencial Pensiones V neighborhood, in Mérida, over the murder of a dog on Christmas Day.

The dog’s name is unknown; perhaps he never had one, and no one will give him a name. For those who saw the body of the small dog in the middle of a blood stain, that sad Christmas morning on 11th Street and 66th Street in Residencial Pensiones V, the event produced anger and resentment.

Now they are crying out for justice for the dog cowardly murdered by “Who knows what a heartless and unfeeling beast!”, say the residents of the area.

This is an unprecedented case in Pensiones, a subdivision where a a large number of seniro citizens live and there are many dogs as pets, but something like this has never happened.

Sources from the State Attorney General’s Office indicate that there is an open investigation folder for the case of the Pensiones dog, as animal abuse is classified as a crime and punished with prison in Yucatán.

The case is under investigation and no further information can be provided, what is known is that the authority asks citizens that anyone who can provide data or some kind of evidence to clarify the facts, their collaboration will be greatly appreciated by the FGE.

In a brief interview, Estefanía Dorantes Cimé, the young woman who made the case public on social media, said she felt shocked by the events, especially because Residencial Pensiones V is a quiet place where a similar case had not been seen before.

“We know of dogs that are run over or of the presence, very occasionally, of some packs of stray dogs that wander down the streets, but we have never seen a dog killed with a knife and left to bleed to death in the middle of the street,” he explained.

She remembered that she and her family spent Christmas Eve outside their home, a few meters from the place where the dog’s body was found.

“We saw him lying down as we drove past the place and we thought he had been run over,” she added.

“When we got closer we noticed that it was a small dog, very well cared for, with a blue shirt, we could hardly believe that it was a stray, it was very well cared for,” he stated.

The young woman moved the dog’s body to the side of the sidewalk for fear that a vehicle would hit it.

However, there she noticed that the animal was bleeding profusely from a wound that appeared to have been caused by a knife.

“I uploaded the photo of the poor dog online in the hope that someone could identify him or notify his owners and have them come and get him.” “What happened is very sad, I love pets very much, I take care of them, I love them and I respect them, what happened hurts me a lot,” he added.

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