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Massive poisoning of dogs and cats in Chabihau, Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Numerous animals were found lifeless inside and outside homes in the port of Chabihau. Residents reported that once again there is a massive poisoning of pets, as they believe that the person responsible for the killing of domestic animals with the use of lannate lives among them.

So far this week 10 cats have already appeared dead in their backyards. They pointed out that this problem is nothing new, as it has always occurred and nothing has been done about it.

Photo: poresto.net

Regarding this matter, Candelaria C. (a resident of Chabihau) stated that at her home several of her felines have appeared lifeless and she only managed to save two of them with home remedies. 

“The slaughter of animals is happening again here in the port, and the local authorities are doing nothing about it,” she revealed.

“Some time ago, residents who live near the beach commented that more than 20 animals, including dogs and cats, were poisoned. It is terrible that people can be capable of doing this type of evil to pets,” Candelaria continued.

Photo: poresto.net

Since there are many infants living in this port, residents fear that their animals could be in contact with their children once they have ingested the poison.

Citizens of Chabihau declared that they are willing to take legal measures against those responsible so that they can be punished. Due to this situation, several of the residents have begun to protect their pets to prevent them from roaming freely in the streets and dirt roads of this port.

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