Government of Yucatan recovers control of its official websites after cyberattack

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Less than a week after reporting the cyberattack in the Government of Yucatan, it was announced that the online pages were recovered on Thursday, March 30.

The State Government reported that for security reasons online services were suspended due to a cyber attack that was orchestrated at dawn on Sunday, March 26th.

Due to the hack, it was reported that online services were suspended and will be reactivated until further notice, for which they asked the public for their patience, since many procedures such as replacement, civil registry procedures and payment of taxes were suspended. .

After the attack, it was reported that security protocols were implemented and servers and all online services were disconnected.

Services are restored on lines of the Government of Yucatán

After three days of inactivity, this Thursday several online services began to come into operation.

Until the closing of this note, the enabled services are the Cadastre, the Institute of Legal Security, the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) and online services of Potable Water and Sewerage of Yucatan (Japay)

It is expected that the services related to the Yucatan Tax Administration will be rehabilitated later for those users who had unfinished administrative processes and that were paused due to the cyber attack.

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