Authorities investigate an alleged threat of firearm attack at Merida university


A student from a university located in Chuburná de Hidalgo, in the northwest of Mérida, caused a great stir after he allegedly threatened to carry out an armed attack on the institution.

The fear it caused among students and teachers was such that the Ministry of Public Security had to intervene.

It all started when the version circulated on social networks that a student bought a firearm online, giving details and characteristics of it to a friend, as well as the day it would be delivered.

But the most worrying thing was that he threatened that there would be a shooting at the school, this Friday, November 17.

After this information was released, a student published:

“The truth is that what is happening in the entire room scares us a lot, we are doing what we can, we have delivered everything that our coordinator has asked for, but the truth is that it is giving us obstacles and nothing has been concluded.”

Likewise, they assured the local media that this Friday they would not attend classes and reaffirmed that the educational directors did not give importance to the situation.

However, on the morning of Friday, November 17, it was announced in official media that agents from the State Investigative Police (PEI) of the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) took action on the matter and went to the campus to prevent any act that attacks people.

The visit by the investigating agents resulted from a call to the 911 emergency number about messages that the student sent to his classmates through digital platforms in which he threatened to go to school armed.

Elements of the PEI assigned to the Specialized Command for the Investigation of Cybercrimes collected information related to the author of the messages to take the appropriate preventive and legal measures.

According to official information, SSP investigative agents interviewed the student who sent the message and his parents, as well as the directors of the university. At the site, they made a careful appeal to mothers and fathers to raise awareness among their children about the proper use of social networks and the consequences of not doing so.

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