La Ceiba Craft Beer recovers the great Yucatecan brewing tradition

La Ceiba is a millenary tree considered sacred for the Maya due to its majesty and beauty without equal. For us, the “La Ceiba” craft beer company, this name implies a commitment to tradition, quality and solidity that the word itself means.

Cerveza Ceiba was born with the purpose of recovering part of the great Yucatecan beer tradition of yesteryear, manufacturing products with 100% natural ingredients that satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.

“At Ceiba, we exquisitely combine pure water from our beloved Yucatecan soil, varieties of fine European hops, the best malted cereals from Germany and England and the most select strains of yeast altogether in one single unique beverage”, producers say.

Cerveza Ceiba was born in 2012 with the mission of recovering the Yucatecan beer culture and tradition and, at the same time, satisfy the most demanding palates with a product of the highest quality and delicious taste.

Mr. Carlos A. Jaime founded the Cervecería de Yucatán, S.A de C.V. with the desire that the new generations can enjoy a beer that like them (the “old timers”) could savor with their parents and kids.

“The arrival of a large number of foreign people to the Yucatan, who are looking for the classic seal of this land reminded me of my grandparents when they tasted Yucatecan beer, we, children, watched adults share and celebrate with this drink, the beer proudly brewed in Yucatan,” Mr. Jaime says.

Ceiba Craft Beer Company also offers a unique space for the organization of social events, for reservations call:

PH.- 01 (999) 925 23 19 or (999) 947 0546

Address: Calle 15 x 36 y 38 No. 266B, García Ginerés, 97218 Mérida, Yucatán, México.

Ceiba beer producers describe this drink as a liquid work of art.

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