Body of brutally-strangled elderly Canadian expat found near Merida

Barbara Mcclatchie Andrews, murder victim. (PHOTO:

The body of an elderly Canadian expat woman who had been brutally strangled was found Friday morning Sept. 30 at km 14 of the Merida-Valladolid road near the shoulder.

The victim  was face down, wearing blue jeans, black shirt and tennis shoes.

At an afternoon press conference, Yucatan attorney general Ariel Aldecua Kuk announced that the woman was identified as Barbara McClatchie Andrews, Canadian-born and 74 years of age. She was described as a photographer who had lived for years in a home in Merida’s Centro near San Juan, where she had a gallery.

Barbara Mcclatchie Andrews, murder victim. (PHOTO:
Barbara Mcclatchie Andrews, murder victim. (PHOTO:

At first it was thought that she had been run over, but as the investigations were progressing that possibility was discarded because there was no sign of braking or a vehicle or blood at the site.

According to initial investigations, the crime would have occurred elsewhere and the body was taken to be discarded there, four kilometers from the hacienda Teya and six from the entrance to Seyé.

Since there are no nearby homes or ranches or lights, investigators dismissed the possibility that the woman had been walking on the edge of the road.

Investigators at the scene included Marcos Muñoz Herrera, director of the Specialized Crime Scene Unit SSP; Commander Mezeta, chief of the Ministerial Police homicide unit; Edgar Chi, director of Preliminary Investigations of the Attorney General, and Commander Jose Cih Pool, director of the Kanasín police.

For the preservation of the place was a double security cordon and all research protocols were activated.

Investigators said the woman had been hit in the face and various parts of the body.

The autopsy revealed that the cause of death was mechanical asphyxia, ie, strangulation, plus she had blows to the face and several parts of the body.

According to initial reports, the body was found at 9 am at kilometer 14 of the Merida-Valladolid road in the Teya-Seyé stretch.

A citizen called police to report a lump, apparently a body, near the road; Kanasín police arrived first.

Paramedics and Kanasín Police confirmed that the woman was dead, so the case was turned over to the SSP and the prosecutor’s office.

It was noted that with the identification of women research work would be intensified in order to find the responsables.- David Chan Caamal

The victim

Canadian photojournalist Barbara McClatchie Andrews had a career of more than 20 years spanning 54 countries. The visual artist chose to live in Merida and ran the Gallery In La’kech she founded five blocks south of downtown Merida, on 60th Street, which she operated as a non-profit.



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