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100 years ago today, the first Mexican women deputies were elected to the Congress of Yucatán

by Yucatan Times
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Through a colloquium called “Centenary of the first three deputies elected to the Congress of Yucatán”, the Legislative Branch commemorated the 100 years of this historical event that positioned the state and in which the first women elected as deputies broke barriers and paradigms, this moment being the watershed of great achievements of women throughout the political history of Yucatan.

In the event held in the “Constituents of 1918” Hall, the president of the State Government and Political Coordination Board, deputy Víctor Hugo Lozano Poveda, highlighted that history is not only in books but that it is kept alive in actions like this that take us back to the roots of democracy and inspire us to build a society where everyone has the same opportunities to participate in decision-making.

“Today we commemorate the determination and courage of Elvia Carrillo Puerto, Beatriz Peniche Barrera, and Raquel Dzib Cicero, who on November 18, 1923, became the first women to be elected as local deputies in the entity and throughout Mexico,” she said.

Lozano Poveda highlighted that currently, thanks to joint work regardless of color or party, great progress is being made in favor of women, such as Law 3 of 3 against violence, which is being replicated in the country and guaranteeing that more deaths have the opportunity to hold public office and that there is equity when appointing directors.

In her message she reported that, shortly, the State Congress will receive the Violet Distinction from the State Government, reaffirming the commitment to the equity and safety of women in the work environment.

Janine Otálora Malassis, a magistrate of the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation, emphasized that one of the most important contributions of all the women who held public positions for the first time was to forge the path for them to achieve the right to decide.

Likewise, she expressed that women have a lot to contribute, but it is still important to create the necessary conditions to freely decide from what area they want to build a life project that satisfies them personally and that contributes to society.

“100 years after the election of the first three deputies, we know that women have changed the face of politics and, above all, the face of democracy in Mexico, and have made it a little closer to a reality every day.” quality democracy”, he pointed out.

Next, Dr. Dulce María Sauri Riancho said that the path that these women took in politics was with courage despite the political and personal obstacles they faced, demonstrating at all times the ability to achieve great achievements that promote the women’s empowerment.

In her turn, Piedad Peniche Rivero, researcher, and promoter of the History of Yucatán, recalled that November 18, 1923, the date on which the first women deputies were elected to the Congress of Yucatán, emphasizing the life and work carried out by Elvia Carrillo Puerto, highlighting her fight over the years to achieve the weighting of women in democracy.

José Escalante Chan, director of Legal Affairs of the Women’s Secretariat, recounted the process that was carried out at that time for the elections and that, among a list of 18 people, three were women whose names have emerged over the years. .

At the end of the colloquium, and after delivering the recognitions to the speaker, the deputies of the LXIII Legislature signed the commemorative text for the Centennial of the first three deputies elected for the state of Yucatán.

Later, on the esplanade of the Legislative Branch, a guard was held at the bust of Elvia Carrillo Puerto, as well as a minute of silence in memory of these great women.

The event was attended by state authorities and deputies from past Legislatures.

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