Spain alerts of a probable reinfection of the Brazilian variant of coronavirus

The Ministry of Health indicated that two isolated cases and three flare-ups with this variant have been detected.

SPAIN.- The Spanish government announced a probable re-infection of the Brazilian variant of coronavirus in the country, experts from the Ministry of Health reported in a document.

Specialists have detected two isolated cases (linked to Brazil) and three outbreaks with this variant, although it has not been specified in which region of Spain.

He detailed that the first of the outbreaks includes two positive cases (one of which was confirmed by sequencing), and the second includes 11 cases (three of them sequenced), although in none of them a link with Brazil could be found, although it is in Brazil where the possible case of reinfection has been detected. The third of the outbreaks is related to a trip to Brazil and there are two affected cases.

In Spain the variants of coronavirus circulating are the Brazilian, British and South African, so all travelers from South Africa and Brazil arriving in the peninsula have to keep a quarantine of 10 days, even those who present a negative test for coronavirus.The quarantine of travelers could be reduced to one week if a negative coronavirus test is presented on the seventh day. During those days, travelers from Brazil and South Africa will only be allowed to go out to the pharmacy or supermarket.