Mexican “Canine Heroes” receive recognition for their great rescue work during the screening of ‘Paw Patrol’

In the new animated film ‘Paw Patrol: The Super Movie’, the most famous canines such as Chase, Liberty, Skye, Rubble, Marshall, Rocky, and Zuma will become superheroes and will have abilities that will help control the evil of Adventure City because Victoria Vance and Humbdinger will be the villains who want to kill them and take away their new powers.

During the feature presentation of this Paramount Pictures production in Mexico, and before the screening, these flesh and blood superheroes were recognized, such as the Binomios Caninos de la Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, a non-profit Civil Association made up of volunteers who provide rescue and assistance services for people in vulnerable situations after earthquakes or catastrophes.

The Association is made up of volunteers and canines, a work that should be applauded because, in addition to helping humanity and putting all their efforts into helping rescue people, their income is solely from donations.

Paramount Pictures gave recognition to Fernando Alvarez Bravo and Mario Luna Sosa rescue workers and of course, to the dog named Mia, a canine that helps to rescue people, uniformed and next to his trainer (Mario) was also honored for his great work.

“We try to train the dogs from a very young age when they arrive with us because it is easier to train and educate them, we take several methods that exist in the world to get the best of everyone, not all dogs are the same, each one has a different character. We train them using toys and games, the training takes about two years for the K-9s to be ready”, Luna Sosa stated.

Photo: Topos K-9

The special moment of the event came when Paramount Pictures Mexico surprised the Foundation with a 20,000 pesos check, provoking excitement and a great hand of applause from the audience.

Paw Patrol: The movie arrived on Thursday, September 28th in all Mexican movie theaters with Spanish dubbing featuring the voices of Nina Rubín Legarreta, Itatí Cantoral, and Dany Hoyos.

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