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“Instituto de Justicia” recovered 30 children who were taken away from their mothers.

by Sofia Navarro
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A total of 30 recoveries of minors from all municipalities have been made by the Institute of Access to Justice of the State of Campeche so far this administration, informed Luis Humberto López López, head of the institution, who added that most of the children were returned to their mothers, since in some of the cases the ex-partners took the little ones without having guardianship and custody.

“Today in the new mentality of the rights of the people is that of the children to live with their parents, not of the parents to think that the children are objects and that they can live with them. In this situation there is a lot of talk that sometimes children become automatic teller machines. It also exists that sometimes children are taken as if they were a booty and then they become the medal, part of the blackmail in a family problem”, he exposed.

He informed that they have dealt with cases in which the father asks to see his son, takes him away and does not return him, in addition to promoting a guardianship and custody to take the child away from his ex-wife, as happened with a woman from Xpujil, who lost her little boy for a year, since she promoted the lawsuit in that community while her ex-partner did it in Campeche.

“After six months without knowing what to do, she came to us, we informed her of her rights and nullified the guardianship and custody that had been done here, to give effect to the one that had been done in Xpujil and recover the child,” he commented.

He considered that so far this administration has been able to recover 30 minors from the 13 municipalities of the Entity that were in this situation, since many of the mothers have dared to speak out.

However, he regretted that sometimes, even when the children are taken away, they do not take care of them, but hand them over to the grandmothers so that they can take care of them. However, there have also been two situations in which it is the grandparents who want their grandchildren to remain in their care, because staying with their parents represents a risk for them.

According to him, Indajucam dealt with the case of a lady who asked to stay with two minors, whose parents unfortunately had addiction problems, so these children had experienced a series of violence and she sought to protect her grandchildren, however, she had difficulties because she was elderly and lived in poverty, so she was provided with support”.

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Sonic exe April 6, 2023 - 11:06 pm

The children are so cute!!


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