This is the ‘cursed well’ that is causing panic in Merida

The presence of a ‘cursed well’ in the city of Mérida was reported through social networks, where human remains and alleged witchcraft objects have been found.

According to paranormal expert Jorge Moreno, a neighbor in the city of Mérida had a well in her house cleaned out and found ‘terrifying‘ things inside.

The well-known Yucatecan expert said that those in charge of cleaning the place found several dolls’ heads, as well as a tombstone of a person who died 35 years ago.

Other strange objects that were removed from inside the pit were several alleged witchcraft objects, as well as pieces of an alleged satanic sculpture, a voodoo doll, women’s underwear and jawbones, and human bones.

The discovery of these objects has caused controversy, as many wonder how they got to the bottom of the pit.

It is worth mentioning that the paranormal specialist indicated that the owners of the house did not notify the authorities as it should happen due to the discovery of human remains and discarded the bones as if they were garbage.

He also said that he will continue investigating the case because again, a well cleaner will come to perform a second cleaning.

As if the discovery of the objects in the “cursed well” was not enough, the current owners of the property indicate that they have felt strange vibrations in the house.

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