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Morning TV show generated annoyance among Yucatecans as they presented a ‘Marquesita de Cochinita Pibil’

by Yucatan Times
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A morning program on Televisa generated the annoyance of Yucatecans, after it broadcast the preparation of a marquesita from Cochinita Pibil.

MEXICO CITY, (January 14, 2022).- Despite the dozens of criticisms that Mexican morning shows such as “Hoy” and “Venga la Alegría” have received for the incorrect preparation of Yucatecan food dishes, they continue to boast their versions of the culinary delights of Yucatan.

Now, it was the “Hoy” program, which in full live broadcast revealed how the “traditional” Cochinita Pibil Marquesita is prepared, a recipe that was presumed as a “Yucatecan dessert.”

It was during the broadcast of Televisa’s morning that ‘Los Shulos’ (reporters who present capsules in “Hoy”) went to a street food stand in Mexico City where its owner assured that they specialize in the preparation of traditional Marquesitas from Yucatan .

In the video, the business owner shows step by step how to prepare the Yucatecan “dessert”; He explains to the “Hoy” camera that the traditional recipe is prepared with the traditional ‘Queso de Bola’, however, he points out that the Marquesita can have sweet or salty ingredients.

Marquesita de Cochinita Pibil; preparan este "postre" en el programa "Hoy"
(Photo: Yucatan.com.mx)

After this explanation, the man stated with great pride that his stand is the only one where you can find the Cochinita Pibil Marquesita, which is made with “the stew, red onion, Dutch cheese, and a habanero sauce”.

In the clip, the business owner is heard saying that the Marquesita is like “a 30-centimeter taquito filled with whatever you want.”

Later, the reporters of “Hoy” are shown in the company of the young “expert” in Marquesitas in the forum ready to teach them how to prepare the Yucatecan “dessert”, which he reiterated is very easy to do and that anyone could manage to prepare it.

In the broadcast of the program, the young man prepared a Marquesita of “Serrano ham, ball cheese, and green grapes”, the house specialty”, although he pointed out that at his stand it is possible to find more than 50 combinations between sweet and savory, including the famous Marquesita de Cochinita Pibil and purple onion.

As expected, the preparation of these Marquesitas unleashed criticism and comments in which several Yucatecans expressed their displeasure for these “inventions” and “versions” that are clearly not consumed in Yucatan.

Marquesita de Cochinita Pibil; preparan este "postre" en el programa "Hoy"
(Photo: Yucatan.com.mx)

It is not the first time that the “Hoy” program “ruins” a Yucatecan food recipe

The preparation of the Marquesita de Cochinita Pibil joins the list of Yucatecan dishes that have been cooked in the program and that unfortunately only generate negative comments due to how different its preparation is.

Previously, the morning “Hoy” was criticized for preparing Papadzules with the “traditional” recipe, however, the most curious thing about that occasion is that a young Yucatecan was the one who showed the step by step of how to prepare the famous dish, but apparently, most Yucatecans considered this creation an abomination, and an insult to traditional Yucatecan culinary arts.

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