Tulum has new opening hours for bars and nightclubs

Photo: (El Quintana Roo)

Bars and nightclubs in Tulum have new hours sonce Friday, March 17, as announced by municipal authorities.

Through a press release, it was informed that the maximum hours for music and sale of food and alcoholic beverages with music of 65 decibels in the coastal zone is until 1:00 am. Closing time (totally closed), with lights off, is at 1:30 am.

In the downtown area, the maximum closing time is 2:00 am, and (totally closed) with the lights off, is 2:30 am.

According to the information, this is a measure to guarantee the protection of residents and tourists in Tulum.

In addition, 70 Marines from the Secretary of the Navy will immediately join the more than 150 municipal police officers to reinforce the surveillance in tourist and Mayan areas.

Likewise, permanent checkpoints will be installed at the accesses to the municipality and all security checkpoints will be equipped.

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