Home Feature Due to slow vaccination, Yucatan is still far from “collective immunization”.

Due to slow vaccination, Yucatan is still far from “collective immunization”.

by Yucatan Times
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Vaccinated people are asked to follow preventative measures against Covid, such as the use of masks.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán – The application of the vaccine against Covid-19 in the population represents a great advance in the fight against the pandemic, which in Yucatán has claimed more than 3,300 lives. However, specialists warn that we are still far from the goal and there is still much to be done, so measures of prevention must be maintained, the main one being the use of masks.

“We must remain committed for a few more months to the practice of the preventive measures we have been taking since March of last year, even if we have been vaccinated,” said Ashley Drews, medical director of infection prevention and control at Houston Methodist Hospital, in an interview.

The specialist emphasized that safety measures include the use of masks, keeping two meters away from others and avoiding gathering in large groups.

“It is important to continue with the practice of preventive measures, even when vaccinated, since there is a delay between vaccination and the development of immunity. There are two doses. The second one should be administered three weeks after the first one. After the second application, it will take another week or so to be fully protected. It takes time for the body to develop the specific immune response needed to protect from Covid-19,” She explained.

sHe reiterated that after getting vaccinated, people cannot immediately go to a favorite restaurant or bar, as they are not fully protected.

“Covid-19 vaccines have the power to stimulate immunity to the new coronavirus, without generating infection. But controlling the Covid-19 pandemic goes beyond vaccinating you and me; it is about mass immunization”

She added that herd immunity occurs when a sufficiently large portion of the population is immune to an infectious disease so that the disease can no longer spread effectively among the population.

This is where vaccine-induced immunity becomes elemental, because relying on that through contagion is a very slow and deadly alternative.

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