Yucatán; the state with the lowest number of high-impact crimes in Mexico

(Photo: SIPSE, Milenio Novedades)

The National Public Security System released the “X-Ray” of crime in the country, and it can observed that Yucatán remains as the state with the lowest incidence of high-impact crimes in the country, registering zero kidnappings, only two homicides and no criminal acts related to organized crime.

During the first month of 2018, Yucatan reported 994 investigation files for alleged crimes, that is, 32 committed every day.

The five most common crimes that were reported during the first month of the year in Yucatan were:

  • Domestic violence 168 cases
  • Threats 96 cases
  • House robbery 91 cases
  • Property damage 91 cases
  • Noncompliance with family obligations 51 cases

According to the National Public Security System, the state registered two homicides, although the Office of the Prosecutor reports three.

One of them was a femicide that occurred in Valladolid.  Of the three homicides, two were commited with a knife and one more with a firearm.

For several years now, Yucatán has registered zero kidnappings, it remains free of any criminal acts related to organized crime, zero kidnappings, zero crimes related to human trafficking or illegal abortions.

The unit reported 140 robberies during January;

  • 91 illegal house entries (without violence)
  • 15 robberies of vehicles
  • 9 street robberies (with violence)
  • And others not specified

There were two cases of extortion, three cases of child abuse, one for documents falsification, and zero complaints for electoral crimes.

According to the federal agency, the Investigation Police of Yucatan was the best positioned in the country with 100 percent of the crimes solved, as the the three murders were clarified and the perpetrators prosecuted.

During January 2018, 146,561 crimes were committed in the country (or at least those that were reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office), and 2,156 intentional homicides were registered, that is, that Yucatan only accounted for 6.8% of the complaints in the country and 0.13% of the intentional homicides that occurred in all of Mexico during the first month of the year.

The statistics can be consulted at secretariadoejecutivo.gob.mx

Source: yucatan.com.mx