AMLO rules out terrorism in Mexico after U.S. announcement to treat drug traffickers as terrorists

AMLO, courtesy from Twitter

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the proposal by US legislators to consider drug cartels in Mexico as terrorists are mere propaganda given the electoral climate that will take place in the coming months.

The president assured that an analysis by Joe Biden’s State Department indicated that the Mexican administration was working punctually against criminals and that there was no presence of any guerrilla group that could be cataloged within the classification suggested by the Republican Party.

Political gain sought

During Monday’s morning conference, Obrador highlighted that this report does not mention any terrorist attack carried out from Mexico to the United States, which rules out any illicit activity that should allow the US to interfere in Mexican national territory.

The President assured that Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw is one of those who produced the initiative to allow the use of US armed forces to fight the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation and the Sinaloa Cartel within the Mexican Republic. AMLO added that for years Crenshaw has attacked our country.

“They are always denigrating Mexico to get electoral advantage,” AMLO said.

He even called on Mexicans who live in the U.S. and are U.S. citizens not to forget these grievances when casting their vote.

“The United States think they are the government of the world”, AMLO continued.

The President questioned that the representatives believe they have the power to declare when there is terrorism in any country. He also said that he does not understand why the United States believe they are the government of the world.

López Obrador also said that the U.S. government tends to evaluate the actions of other states based on their submission to the nation led by Joe Biden.

He said that this “bad habit” will be eradicated over the years and lashed out against the plan to have the U.S. military enter any foreign territory with the excuse that they will pursue drug traffickers.

“Of course it is pure propaganda; however, we have to reject all these pretensions,” AMLO said.

He dismissed the accusations of Trump’s former prosecutor.

The president defended the country’s sovereignty and dismissed the accusations made by William Barr, former U.S. attorney during Donald Trump’s administration, which assured that the Mexican administration protected drug cartels.

He ironized this text published in the Wall Street Journal for having said that only Felipe Calderón carried out open combat against organized crime. He contrasted this statement with the guilty plea of several criminal charges against Genaro García Luna, former Secretary of Security.

The President criticized the newspaper by assuring that it was a bulletin for the favored classes and also said that not even one percent of the people of Mexico knows about this publication.

He also said that the arrest and release of Ovidio Guzmán was a decision that Barr criticized, but which he supports because continuing with this action could have unleashed a massacre in Sinaloa.

“You cannot confront evil with evil; evil must be confronted with good,” he said.

The fight against fentanyl is the responsibility of both countries.

He assured that the way to eradicate violence is to address the causes so that young people have opportunities that keep them out of the hands of criminals. He emphasized that the work against fentanyl must be carried out by both countries, since there are consumers on both sides of the border.

He said that it is not enough to stop the passage of narcotics at the line that separates the countries, since the social crisis of loneliness, abandonment and unhappiness caused by drug addiction must be resolved.

“There is no plan in that sense,” he said.

He asked the U.S. government to carry out an intense campaign to avoid the apology of criminals and the consumption of these narcotics.

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