A representation of what a Gran Parque La Plancha would look like. (Image: Gran Parque La Plancha AC)

Mérida, Yucatán, (December 01, 2021).- Raúl Aguilar Baqueiro, president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry in Yucatán has highlighted that public investment has fallen in recent years, which has forced companies in this sector to seek works in private investment.

Although the Maya Train has been one of the projects that require the greatest labor, and dozens of Yucatecan workers are working on it, he considers that more public investment is still needed, as well as continuing to generate confidence to win private investment.

“In our state in this last year, we have clearly seen how private investment is the one that is mainly favoring the construction industry, for many years public works have been declining, and that we need to continue generating confidence so that these local companies continue to generate investment in Yucatán ”.

He added that they see hope in the Parque de la Plancha project, where 30 percent will be granted to a real estate investment, so that the investment cost for the remodeling of the park can be paid, which they see as a great opportunity.

“The La Plancha project is practically reaching an agreement with the federal government where 70 percent is a park and 30 percent is a real estate development that allows this investment.”

Finally, he concluded that, despite the pandemic, the construction industry will close with good numbers, so they expect 2022 to be a year of greater investment.

“To be a year in which we are coming from a pandemic, we are closing with a very good year, we hope that this confidence will continue to be generated in Yucatan, and we continue to press for there to be more public works,” he concluded.