Spider monkey killed by a motorist in Puerto Aventuras

close up photo of spider monkey
Photo by Trippy Clicker on Pexels.com

A spider monkey that tried to cross the federal highway 307 at Puerto Aventuras, loses its life after being run over.

This happened around 08:30 hours when neighbors of Puerto Aventuras who were waiting for transportation at the bus stop located near the shopping center on the side of the highway, saw it when it was crossing the high speed road.

A vehicle hit him and projected him to the side of the road. The animal was in agony for a few minutes before it died.

After this, the Municipal Environment Directorate was informed that, it is important to remember, they will have to report the animal to the Federal Attorney’s Office for Environmental Protection (Profepa), as it is a specimen that is included in NOM -059, as endangered.

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